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A criminal arrest can be one of the most frightening and humiliating experiences anyone can face. It can also put you at risk for an array of penalties, from jail or prison time to hefty fines, long probation periods, and other court-ordered actions. A conviction can result in a permanent criminal record that can also impact you for the long haul, damaging your ability to find jobs, advance your career, qualify for professional licenses or higher education, and more. 

If you encounter law enforcement and think you could be arrested, stop talking.  You get one chance to tell your story and you tell it in front of a jury, not in a police interrogation.  You cannot be punished for exercising your 5th amendment right to remain silent!

Other important things you should do to protect your constitutional rights:

  • Always be polite and respectful
  • Provide the officer with your ID or name and date of birth
  • Inform the officer that you are not making any statements without your lawyer
  • Give the officer your lawyer’s name
  • Inform the officer that you are not consenting to any search of your person, belongings, vehicle or house
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone except your attorney

With your reputation, freedom, and future at stake, it is not the time to take chances inside the criminal justice system. When you have law enforcement and prosecutors doing everything they can to gain a conviction, you need an equally committed and skilled defender. At Scheuring Law, PLLC, you can turn to a criminal defense attorney in Raleigh who has earned a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in creating effective defense strategies aimed at achieving optimum results for clients. 

Connect with Scheuring Law, PLLC online or at (919) 944-8100 to request a free case evaluation with our Raleigh misdemeanor and felony defense attorney today. Serving Raleigh and the counties of Franklin, Vance, Warren, Granville, and Person.

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Client Experiences with Scheuring Law, PLLC

  • Grant is so professional and such a people person that it’s easy to talk to him! He is always a call away willing to help me in any question I have.

    “Not only did he help me with a traffic violation but is also helping me through a very personal process! He is kind and always there to help me.”

    Former Client
  • After talking with you, I felt much calmer and assured we were in good hands.

    “After talking with you, I felt much calmer and assured we were in good hands.”

    Former Client
  • Grant was the only one who picked up the phone and is one of the most professional attorneys I have worked with.

    “He is very knowledgeable and organized. Would highly recommend.”

    Former Client

Cases We Handle

Our firm represents clients in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Raleigh and the surrounding counties of Franklin, Vance, Warren, Granville, and Person.

These include but are not limited to:

How you are charged in any misdemeanor or felony case will depend on the nature of the offense, your prior convictions, if any, and any “aggravating” factors such as the extent of harm inflicted upon the alleged victim, or whether that victim was a child, government official, senior citizen, or law enforcement. 

Misdemeanors in North Carolina 

North Carolina misdemeanors have been divided into four types as follows:

  • Class A1. This is the most serious. Assault causing seriously injury is an example.
  • Class 1. Prostitution is an example.
  • Class 2. Carrying a firearm without a permit is an example. 
  • Class 3. This is the least serious. An example is first-offense shoplifting.

Misdemeanors are generally punishable by up to a year in jail and/or community service, fines, and probation.

Felonies in North Carolina

Felonies are crimes that are generally punishable by more than year in prison. However, in North Carolina, lower-level felonies may result in sentences of less than a year. 

Sentencing in any felony conviction depends on the class of the felony, its range of sentencing, and your prior criminal history, if any. Felonies in North Carolina fall into 10 categories by letter, such as Class A, Class B1 or B2, down to Class I, which is the lowest level carrying the least penalties. 

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Grant S. Scheuring Attorney at Law

Grant is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Elon University School of Law. He is an attorney that cares about his clients and understands that everyone wants to be heard and respected. Grant focuses his practice on litigating misdemeanors, lower level felonies, DWI’s, and traffic offenses. When calling his firm, you will always speak with an attorney and someone that can help. Call now for a free consultation.


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